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Museum of History of Azerbaijan

Founded in 1920, this museum is one of the largest in the Caucasus. The building that houses the museum was built in 1896, and belonged to oil magnate and philanthropist H.Z. Tagiyev. The museum collects monuments and objects of material and spiritual culture, the original documents of political history and socio-economic life of the country, which reflect the history of Azerbaijan from ancient times to the present day.

The museum has 10 departments with more than 250,000 priceless examples of material and spiritual culture belonging to different historical periods. 22,000 exhibits in the archaeological collection relate to the history of Azerbaijan from Paleolithic times to the end of the Middle Ages. Here one can find primitive tools made of stone, household objects made of copper, bronze, metal, numerous utensils made of clay and ceramics, jewelry objects, etc. The numismatics collection includes about 150,000 coins and banknotes of different periods and represents an important source for the study of the history of Azerbaijan. Among the coins made from gold, silver, and copper in the territory of Azerbaijan, one can also find those that contain symbols of statehood, as well as coins of foreign origin that were in our country. Interestingly, with its number of oriental coins, the numismatic collection of the museum occupied one of the first places in the Soviet Union. Apart from money and coins, the numismatics collection also has badges, seals, stamps, icons of paper money, which are altogether of great importance to the historical study of our nation.