The city of Gabala is the administrative centre of Azerbaijan’s Gabala district and sits 900 metres above sea level, in the lower part of the valley between Mounts Bazar-Yurt and Tufan, in the foothills of the Caucasus, on the right bank of the River Demiraparanchay.
The Rivers Vandam, Bum, Tikanlichay and others flow down from the Caucasus mountains, generously supplying the region with their waters, and on into the River Kur. Tobacco, wheat and barley are grown and silkworms are bred in the Gabala region.
On clear days Azerbaijan’s highest peak, Mount Bazarduzu can be seen from the city. Many mineral springs and sources of clean water surround the city. At 1,000 metres the foothills are forested mainly with chestnut trees, part of the wealth of the region.
They present a wonderful vision in the spring. Many of the trees are 500 years old and some are under state protection. The region is named after the ancient city of Chukhur Gabala, which thrived from the late 4th century and early 3rd century B.C. until the mid-18th century A.D.



We are grateful to the Department of Culture and Tourism of Gusar and the administration of the Gusar Olympic Sports Complex for their assistance in the preparation of this material.
Developed infrastructure, comfortable hotels, modern sports, recreational facilities, rich historical heritage, and a favourable climate attract a lot of tourists to the Gusar region. Our guide is designed to get the reader familiar with the limitless tourism opportunities in Gusar and provide sufficient practical and useful information.




Mingechevir is an Azerbaijani city on the banks of the Kur River and is famous for different reasons. It is the energy centre of Azerbaijan and produces 65% of all the country’s electrical power. It is also the training hub for water sports. Finally it is an attractive centre for tourists from all over the country and abroad. Who would say no to enjoying the azure beaches of the Mingechevir Sea, enjoying a windy ride on a water scooter down the Kur, trying the mouth-watering river fish, baked over charcoal or relaxing in the shadows of fountains in one of the city’s numerous green parks?




We are extremely grateful to the Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism in Ismayilli region and the administration of the Gaya hotel complex for their cooperation in the preparation of this information.
Ismayilli is a picturesque region in the north of the Republic on the lower slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountains. In the 4th century B.C the area was part of Caucasian Albania, and that fact has left its historical traces in the area. As well as Azerbaijanis, people of other ethnicities live here. For example, in Ivanovka village there are the descendants of the Molokans who were moved here from Russia. Basqal village, a centre of handicrafts and silk weaving in the Middle Ages, became very well known. Even nowadays the traditional kelegayi scarf is produced in Azerbaijan exclusively in this village. The region is a fascinating tourist destination. The Maiden Tower – Shirinsu Tourist Zone is a favourite haunt for picnickers, ecotourists and trekkers. As Ismayilli is richly populated by a variety of fauna, hunting is also prospering in the region.